Hidden inside the Inner Rail at Aksarben is an oasis from the bleak and dreary effects of Nebraska’s harsh winter months.

Upon opening the door, be prepared to encounter lively plants in every shade of green, growing in every direction. Plants line the entire store from the floor up to the ceiling. The walls painted a deep slate grey, adorned with gold accents of flowers. Chlorophyll is an urban, interior plant boutique with a distinctive flair.

The design of the space is very intentional and allows the plants to be presented in unique ways. The selective inventory is always fresh and inviting. A space to breathe in and engage with in a refreshing way.

Nick Walker, both manager and plant expert at Chlorophyll, says his favorite part of his job is selecting the plants they carry and to play around with creative display options.  Doing so in such a way that the people and plant connection is instant.

Walker says he has robust conversations with customers about placement and care to enhance success as the plants move from the store into homes and offices throughout the city.

 “I love getting to order plants every week,” Walker says. “I am constantly ordering from different growers, with new arrivals every Monday and Wednesday. I have the opportunity to hand-select many of them. I look for what’s new in the industry, what’s big, what’s trending on Instagram and responding to special orders and interests.”

Walker’s enthusiasm is contagious and his interest in helping others with their plant purchase is backed up by his knowledge and experiences. Questions about their space, overall quality of light and general conditions all play a significant role in finding the best match for the customers and their plants.

Chlorophyll is every plant lover’s dream, and the welcoming ambiance invites in even the newest of botanists. The store offers an assortment of classes throughout the year and posts invitations on their Instagram account. The classes are an easy way to learn valuable information and meet others with similar interests. Walker says this helps to build community in the Aksarben area.

If the classes don’t match with your schedule and the preference is to get some quick information and support with a plant problem; stop by during store hours. The staff is eager to help with any questions or concerns. “Our goal is to make everyone feel like they can come in with any plant, that they acquired from anywhere, “Walker says. “Regardless of where you bought it. If you have questions about it, bring it in. Send your pictures, send us an email, we’re happy to help.”

Chlorophyll aims to be a center for engagement, learning and adventure.  The business emphasizes the health benefits of owning houseplants, while deconstructing some of the narratives involving plants.

 “I give everyone permission to kill house plants,” Walker says. “Don’t feel bad or discouraged for doing it. Think of it this way; if you bought a bouquet of flowers, they last a week. If you bought yourself a houseplant and it lasted six months, you’re already winning.”