norm4eva has considered herself an artist from an early age. She recalls painting and drawing on her bedroom wall and later focusing on scenic technology in high school theater.

In her early 20s, normr4eva started her own restaurant where she painted the walls inside the building. Soon enough, her passion for artistic expression would lead to a career in graffiti art. 

A multidisciplinary artist, norm4eva’s work is rooted in graffiti and street art with a current focus on public murals. She works with clients and businesses throughout the country, with an intention to capture the essence of the business and community.

“I think that it depends on the goal. A lot of times when I’m working with clients or businesses, I bring their vision to fruition and make that into something that represents their business or company,” norm4eva says. ”I do a lot of work for people’s homes that want to showcase who they are in a very unique way.” 

norm4eva has worked on murals in Oregon, Missouri, Texas, and U.S. regions. The artwork that isn’t for clients or businesses, they create for others to enjoy. With bold colors and abstract shapes, norm4eva says the interpretation is up to the viewer, which evokes more positive feelings.

She pays careful attention to what clients say about what art means to them, whether it’s spirituality or healing. For some clients who are undergoing medical treatment, they tell norm4eva what certain colors do for them. 

“That’s the main motivator in painting especially large-scale public art,” norm4eva says. “A lot of the pieces that I do are just solely for those people so they can feel something good.”  

norm4eva enjoys participating in special events such as “Paint Louis”, an annual event in St. Louis, Missouri that attracts a global art community. The public canvas, called “Mural Mile, is filled each year with different art pieces. Attracting artists from across the world, the three-day event with all four elements of hip-hop including DJs, breakdancing, rapping, and graffiti. Artists flood the walls with colorful paintings, graffiti and artwork. 

“Artists come from all over and we paint the flood wall, it’s just gorgeous. It’s miles of murals and each year it changes,” norm4eva says. “People come and paint it throughout the year, so when you come back your piece looks completely different.” 

norm4eva started as an imagery-based artist, primarily using characters and cartoons. Over her time as an artist, she has grown to love the instant gratification that comes with graffiti art. Solely using spray paints and inks made it possible to achieve her looks more quickly. 

“I started getting more into fully abstract, and then everything looked geometric and had a stained-glass kind of look,” norm4eva says, “I figured if I just break it all up with black lines, it would have a more sacred feeling and invoke more spiritual feelings rather than superficial feelings,” norm4eva says.  

This is where norm4eva’s artistic style evolved, bringing more organic matter in with structures and geometrics, which creates a futuristic and whimsical look. 

Omaha favorites such as Patreon, Kros Strain Brewing, and Juice Stop at Askarben all feature norm4eva’s work. When they’re not painting at events, for clients or around places in Omaha, norm4eva takes extra spray paint and ink to work on a mural in Benson. The rainbow piece wall is located on the corner building of 60th and Maple streets. 

With this piece only using extra spray paint and ink, norm4eva doesn’t get the instant gratification that comes with graffiti art. 

“To be honest, it drives me crazy, I think about that mural so much,” norm4eva says. “I am super client-centered and dedicate a lot of my time to that.”

 The spiral mural with bright and fun colors lines the wall of Super Groovy in Benson. This fun project creates an environment that represents Benson as a thriving community. Murals are lined down the streets, evoking different feelings with each passing block. The Benson mural is so big, that the paint soaks into the brick. That’s why they decided to use this free mural as a fun project with extra paint.

 Norm4eva looks forward to creating more murals for client and city projects in the future.  

“I really try to keep my artistic stimulus super low, and I try not to study other artists’ work,” norm4eva says. “Then I can just meditate and find what my art looks like so when people view it, they realize I pull my ideas from a different place rather than inspired by other humans.”