Out of the Box owners consider themselves treasure hunters who love the “hunt” for high-quality recycled building products and furniture.

Their retail furniture store offers the finest designer names in gently used, recycled and reclaimed products for home improvement at affordable prices.

Co-owner Jody Strauch-Lundberg says the store appeals to homeowners or interior designers looking for unique pieces or businesses looking to decorate their offices.  

“We stand out from other consignment stores because we are not an antique store; we offer many home-improvement items and furniture that is currently in style and on-trend,” Strauch-Lundberg says. “Our staff and the owners all have many years of experience in building homes, remodeling homes, and creative design backgrounds.”  

Out of the Box repurposes high-quality designer and architecturally significant building products and furniture. The store also features personal character pieces for homes and the office or waiting areas of businesses.

Strauch-Lundberg and her husband, Steen Lundberg, founded Out of the Box in Lincoln in 2011, where they received a positive response from the public. They moved the business to the Omaha market to give them exposure to a larger population base.

Today, the couple owns a 20,000-square-foot showroom at 7401 Main Street in Ralston, where customers can select pieces and bring them home the same day—there is no special ordering or waiting for a shipment to arrive. The store is open at 10 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday and remains open until 6 p.m. The store also opens Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is closed on Mondays.   

“We understand from personal experience that buying quality home improvement products is very expensive when purchased in the retail market, and we offer it at a fraction of the cost,” Strauch-Lundberg says. “We also know each item works properly and if not, we will refund your money. We are a very personalized service. We are here for the client.”

The couple has built homes in the Colorado Rockies and restored high-end homes in the Denver market for over 14 years. Strauch-Lundberg says this is a highly competitive market, and being knowledgeable is required for this type of work.

The choice to make Out of the Box an environmentally green company came from their passion for high-quality recycled, remarkable products. Strauch-Lundberg says she is inspired by the younger generation.     

“They are more environmentally sensitive; they feel good about repurposing items, so home improvement items that are still very usable simply do not end up in the landfills,” Strauch-Lundberg says. “This is so important to our future. The timing for our store is perfect because we can offer this in a very clean and updated shopping experience.”   

Strauch-Lundberg says this makes the work her family is in very rewarding, especially with their direct client interaction.

“The reward is to know that people are excited to use reclaimed materials,” Strauch-Lundberg says. “The reward is to see someone purchase a reclaimed kitchen and have it installed in their home and see pictures of how it fits into their design style.”   

The couple likes to use the expression, “Reclaim the beauty of your home,” to get people enthusiastic about being creative and using reclaimed goods.

“When customers come into our store, they are our priority, and we offer our time and knowledge to them,” Strauch-Lundberg says. “We like to know what project they are working on in their home. We can direct them quickly to items that might be of interest to them.”

Strauch-Lundberg says the future looks bright for Out of the Box, which the website claims as the “Tiffany’s® of Recycled Goods.” She sees an improved buying portal on the website. While they already sell products nationally, their goal is to improve social media promotion and expand national buying options.

As for the potential future of design, the couple sees the trend moving from very contemporary in new construction, to a new appreciation of traditional design styles popular in the late 1990s.

Strauch-Lundberg encourages people to be bold and take creative steps toward renovating their spaces. 

“Don’t be afraid to express your own personal character in your home,” she says. “Selecting architectural finishes in your home is the same as selecting art. It will make you feel great as you live with your home’s decor every day. It is an expression of you and your family.”