In 2019, Lauren Wright and Alexis Jensen opened Conscious Comforts out of necessity for those who suffer from autoimmune and dietary disorders.

“The need for dietary options that helped lessen the symptoms of autoimmune diseases became apparent to me once I was making the change to go completely gluten and dairy-free,” Wright says. “And I found I was not the only one who could use solutions.”

Wright was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, making the ability to cook appropriately for her health a necessity. Through extensive research and lifestyle changes, Wright created a way to heal her own body through vegan and gluten-free diets.

“I love hearing our customers say things like ‘my kid has never had a Pop-Tart, or I haven’t been able to eat this in five or six years or since my diagnosis.’” Wright says.

Wright finds ways to create accessible meals for others who have dietary restrictions.

“One of Lauren’s main goals when she is trying to recreate a recipe from her childhood or before her diagnosis, is that she wants to create that same taste,” Jensen says.

Starting in the summer seasons, from June to October, Conscious Comforts stocks produce stands around the Omaha metro with their bruschetta. Cream of the Crop, on 76th and Cass streets is also almost always stocked with dishes as a one-stop shop for customers looking to buy wholesale. Customers can also find Wright and Jensen at both Omaha and Bennington Farmer’s Markets set up with a full stand.

Her Company, located on 156th and Q streets in Omaha, is a collective of 35+ Omaha businesses. Right now, Conscious Comfort is one of the only gluten-free, vegan options in the shop, making the location an option for accessing these items without the need to preorder.

“When someone comes to us and says, ‘That’s exactly how I remember it, I haven’t had this in 15 years,’ that feels great,” Jensen says. “It lets us know we are on the right track in creating these recipes.”