Graley’s creamery in Papillion is not your average ice cream shop.

In 2018, owners Bryon and Joanna Compton felt called to open an ice cream shop. As church planters, they needed a way to bring revenue into their town. For those not familiar with church planters, they form an organized group of worshippers at a common location.

The Compton family transformed the 1870 building into an ice cream parlor themselves. During renovation, it was only the Compton’s and their two children.

“It’s really made our family grow closer,” Joanna Compton says. “We’ve faced adversity, but getting through it together made us a stronger family unit.”

Considering the Compton’s family-oriented nature, it was only fitting to name the ice cream parlor after their two children, Greg and Haley.

“As our kids were growing up, whenever we were in a hurry, Graley, a mix of our two children’s names, would just come out,” Joanna Compton says. “When we thought about a name for our shop, it was obvious it should be Graley’s.”

The Victorian-themed ice cream parlor serves homemade ice cream flavors and goodies made with local ingredients. Even some candy toppings are homemade.

“We like doing things the old-fashioned way,” Bryon Compton says. “We’re still using the same process that was used over 150 years ago to make ice cream.”

A major motivation for opening the shop was to leave a legacy behind for their children and for Papillion.

“We want to be different; we want to be a place where family and friends gather and memories are made,” Bryon Compton says. “It’s not just a legacy for us, but a legacy for our kids and grandchildren.”

Graley’s atmosphere is what sets them apart from the rest. With an emphasis on family, Graley’s Creamery offers interactive pastimes within their parlor.

With an emphasis on family, Graley’s Creamery offers interactive pastimes within their parlor.

Over 110 butterfly drawings, pictures, and paintings are located around the shop as a tribute to Papillion, the French word for butterfly.

“It’s fun for kids to look around and search for the butterflies, and it gives the parents a chance to sit and actually have an adult conversation for a few minutes,” Joanna Compton says. “It’s a great way to help families.”

Ooey-gooey butter cake, butter brickle, and classic vanilla are just a few of Graley’s guests’ favorites. On top of that, Graley’s serves coffee year-round, 10 cents cheaper than most other coffee locations.

As winter approaches, Graley’s begins serving their soups such as tomato basil, loaded potato chowder, and other hearty recipes, along with savory hand pies such as spinach artichoke, bacon mac and cheese, and some vegetarian options.

As for the future of Graley’s Creamery, Bryon Compton says their goal is to be exactly where they are now.

“We’ve got big plans,” he says. “We’re not going to stop growing, but we’re still going to be here. We’re rooted.”