Upon entering T180 Café on any given morning, you’re greeted by the enticing aromas of freshly ground espresso, spicy jalapeno bacon and cinnamon rolls with house-made vanilla cream cheese frosting.

On weekends, you’ll also hear bubbling laughter that often accompanies bottomless mimosas.

Yet, in just a few hours, the ambiance of brunch transforms into a lively evening hotspot for those seeking prime-grade steaks, specialty dishes, and smoked cocktails. The dining room at Tavern180, the counterpart to T180 Café, fills with the sound of guests joining together closely at the bar, which is complete with a custom ice rail to keep your drinks chilled.

Tavern180 opened as a prime grade steak house in 2016, but rebranded in July of 2020 to add T180 Café. The owners pride themselves on consistency, outstanding service, and delicious food.

“Throughout 2020, we brainstormed ways to reimagine our concept. We wanted our brand to attract all demographics,” says co-owner Vern Goff Jr. “Prior to the rebrand, our bar was constantly busy, but our dining area was lacking appeal and was only busy on Friday and Saturday nights.”

Goff sought to expand the clientele by reshaping the restaurant into something that offered a desirable experience for everyone. He wanted to reconstruct the restaurant from a more fine-dining or special-occasion setting to an inviting, everyday experience that offered delicious dishes no matter the hour.

“Brunch is the ultimate family-friendly gathering meal. Savory and sweet meals paired with tasty cocktails and bottomless mimosas sets the table for memories,” Goff says. “We looked at T180 Café to introduce new customers to our brand. We hoped that if it was done right, our brunch menu would serve as a gateway for our dinner menu.”

Goff places a high priority on hiring the best wait staff who provide excellent customer service with genuine friendliness. He works hard to ensure that all staff understand the business. He says he wants all guests to be not only pleased with their experience but leave with a feeling they built new relationships.

He says his establishment truly cares about each step of their dining experience.

“I want customers to know me. I want everyone to know that someone cares about every interaction and experience that takes place within our four walls,” Goff says. “When we mess up, I need people to know we’ll own it, and we’ll try our best to correct it.”

The expansive menu showcases imaginative concepts from breakfast to dinner. Until 2 p.m., the kitchen features such entrees as breakfast flatbreads, homestyle Southern chicken-fried steak and ice cream battered French toast. In the evening, among the offerings are prime-grade steaks, seared ahi tuna, parmesan-crusted chicken and artisanal salads. Each dish is paired with its own crafted sauces and made-from-scratch sides.

“We relied heavily on our Chef Roberto Manriquez to create our menus,” Goff says. “We gave him a few things that we definitely wanted, and then let him create what he was comfortable teaching.”

By cultivating an alluring environment that creates a comfortable space for guests, Goff says he hopes that Tavern180 and the café will become a hub for relationship building in the community.

“Positive relationships have been, and will always be, my biggest goal,” Goff says. “Treating people how you want to be treated is often a forgotten lifestyle. I’ve found that if you prioritize people, good business follows.”