Amidst fields of golden wheat and endless skies of Nebraska, Kaylyn Sahs, a rising artist, seamlessly blends her dreams with country music.

Like the wind that whispers through the prairie grass, Kaylyn Sahs’ melodies travel through the plains, becoming an integral part of her journey from a small-town girl with a robust voice to an emerging music star. 

Sahs’ musical journey began before she could even form coherent sentences. Born into a family where music wasn’t a defining element, it was her father’s love for music that planted the first seed. Sahs recalls a day when, as a three-year-old, she was caught singing along to a tape in her room. Her father, impressed by her pitch-perfect voice, decided to nurture her talent further. It wasn’t long before Sahs was performing in front of her church congregation at the age of four. 

High school brought opportunities to explore her musical talents further. Sahs participated in the choir and show choir, refining her skills and gaining confidence on stage. 

However, a pivotal moment during her senior year set her on the path to a career in music. In 2015, Sahs made her first trip to Nashville, where her mentor, Clint Whitney, introduced her to Tom Jackson, a renowned live music producer. A showcase performance and some valuable feedback from industry professionals ignited her determination. “I ended up asking Tom, ‘If I do this, do you think I have what it takes?’ and he said, ‘If you put in the work, you can do this,’” Sahs recounts. “It’s been seven years now.” With a voice like honey and a heart full of dreams, Sahs ven-tured into the world of songwriting. Her creative process often starts with a song title, a hook, or a meaningful idea. These serve as the foundation upon which she constructs her melodies and lyrics. Collaborating with other writers, whether in Nashville or via Zoom, is also a vital part of her creative journey. She values the energy and inspiration that flow when creative minds come together. 

What sets Sahs apart is her ability to let the room guide her. She may enter with her ideas, but she’s open to what excites her collaborators. It’s not about taking all the credit; it’s about finding that spark that lights up the room. It’s an ever-evolving process that allows her to connect with her peers and audience on a deeper level.

“Even if you think something you say might be a stupid idea, you never know what that could spur on for someone else,” Sahs explains. “You might not go with your original idea, but it triggered something beautiful from someone else.” 

Sahs cherishes the roots of country music, which is evident in her love for traditional instruments like the pedal steel guitar, banjo, and mandolin. Her influences include country stars like Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Lady A, and Dolly Parton. These artists left an indelible mark on her, steering her toward a genre where she felt at home.

“I have memories of car rides with my grandma, and she would always be listening to Lady A,” Sahs recalls. “I think that’s where I really fell in love with country music.”

But her work isn’t limited to one genre. Growing up, Sahs listened to a wide range of music with her father, including Christian music and the pop legend Michael Jackson. This influence has added a distinctive pop-flair to her country style, creating a sound that is both traditional and contemporary.

Her single “Chevy, Take Me to Malibu” perfectly exemplifies the fusion of genres that characterizes her music. While many country artists sing about their trucks, Sahs drives a Chevy Malibu. Initially, she hesitated to write about her car, considering how a sedan could compare to the iconic pickup trucks often celebrated in country music. However, inspiration struck when she envisioned the title “Chevy, Take Me to Malibu,” realizing the perfect imagery it created, combining elements of country and pop.

I always joke though—because I don’t think my car would actually make it to Malibu,” Sahs laughs.

Aside from her musical influences, Sahs’ faith plays a significant role in her music. She often writes about her experiences, her dreams, and her relationship with God, which in a sense, she owes to music as well.

Drawing from personal experiences and her relationship with God, she delves into the challenges she faced, such as when her best friends moved away at age 14. Initially angry at God, questioning the reasons behind these changes, she considered walking away from the faith instilled in her upbringing. Yet, in the same instant, Colton Dixon’s song “Never Gone” played in her mind.

“In that moment, God really met me. I was about to walk away from my faith, but that’s really when I started to make it my own,” Sahs beams.

As she graduated high school and her friends left for college, Sahs faced doubts about pursuing a music career and felt similar pangs of loneliness. However, she found solace in the belief that she was cultivating something beautiful.

“I think I was more afraid of succeeding than I was failing, which is strange,” Sahs confesses. “This decision just felt so big, and I felt so small.” Yet, as all these doors of opportunity began opening, she felt God walking through them with her. “I have the chance to possibly impact the lives of others, and I think that’s the greatest joy of all,” Sahs reveals.

Today, Sahs has graced the stage at various venues in and around Omaha, regularly connects with fans through social media, opened for Lainey Wilson, and achieved a lifelong dream in June 2023 by playing at Stir Concert Cove in Council Bluffs, opening for Jake Owen. Reflecting on her journey, she discovered a forgotten box titled “bucket list” on her desk after receiving the news of opening for Jake Owen. Opening it, she found a wristband from a previous Stir Cove show, on which she had written, “Play Stir Cove.”

Sahs explains that when pursuing a career in music, there will be people, maybe even close to you, that just don’t understand. People who might have laughed when Sahs verbalized her dreams to play at Stir Cove. But, with that, there will be others who will believe in you, cheer you on, and encourage you. 

“I saw a quote once that read, ‘It’s hard to beat someone who doesn’t give up.’ I’ve found that to be true, especially when you’re consistent,” Sahs emphasizes. “It’s all about focusing on why you’re pursuing it.”

For Sahs, her “why” is to bring joy and love through her music and give all the glory to God, sharing Him with others through the platform He’s given her.

From a toddler singing in her bedroom to a rising country artist on stages across the nation, Kaylyn Sahs’ story is one of resilience, creativity, and unwavering faith. 

As her music continues to resonate with fans, Kaylyn Sahs is a testament to the power of dreams and the ability to harmonize them with a world waiting to listen.